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Offshore Geothermal Drilling

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    I was wondering how feasable it would be to drill through the thinner ocean crust to create artificial geothermal spots for energy production. The crust is only about 10km thick, and drills have gone that deep but only on continental crust which is much thicker. I guess drilling and maintaining the connection at that temperature is the main problem. But I would think you wouldn't need to drill all the way through to reach several hundred degrees.

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    One would probably need to install a closed cycle system including heat exchangers, turbomachinery, and generator near the thermal source. The sizing would depend on the max/min temperatures, temperature difference and desirable output.
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    Why bother? Do a search of ocean thermal power. Or go to http://www.eere.energy.gov/RE/ocean.html

    I believe the University of Hawaii has a test project.
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