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Oh, by the way

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    I haven't exactly been active here for the past few weeks. Mostly I've been hanging around the JREF forums. When I was here more I was mostly active in the GD forums and almost nothing in the "main fora" of the site.

    But I'm currently working my way through the Feynman lectures and more, and once I'm through that, I'm certain I will have more to ask, add and ponder on the entire forum.

    This is a great fourm, don't think I forgot or abandoned it after a month or two!

    (And now that I'm 18 and can have a real Visa card I might even become a contributor! Maybe.)
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    Don't stay away too long!
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    Lucky you, discovering Feynman's lecture is one of those wonders in life !
    No maybe, we'll remember that :devil:
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    Have you noticed - almost an hour passed and TubbaBlubba still didn't turn gold.
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    Feynman rules, all others pale in comparison (only half of a virtual particle kidding !!!)

    PF needs your money, your questions and insights, so become a real member soon, and ditch those annoying ADs for good.

    Rhody... :biggrin:
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