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Oh heck i have papillomavirus

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    Its growing on my finger, what can i do?
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    I had a few warts on fingers when I was 22. I went to a place were they had a device that could freeze them. The device has a small metal cylinder that gets really cold. They cut away as much as they could with a scalpel (this doesn't hurt or bleed if they do it right), and then they held the cold cylinder to the wart for a while. It took a large number of treatments (around 12 I think) before they were completely gone, but the final result was great. My fingers looked as if the warts had never been there, and the warts never came back.
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    Go see a doctor/pharmacist.
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    Apply tetterwort (Chelidonium majus) sap every other day for several months. At lest that's what I did and it helped.
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    Several months!? :D you can buy some cheap bandaid type medicine patches that treat it in a couple weeks
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    It was over thirty years ago.
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