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Oh my god, get vonage

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    I just saw a paid program about vonage and they have broken new ground, they crossed a line, surpassed a treshhold.... they told the truth! They go boom! "Vonage is $24.95 a month!" and then they go "but theres a monthly fee of $1.50" and then!!! "theres also a regulatory fee which makes vonage $27.95 a month".

    Oh my god!

    They could have just tossed that kinda crap into the fine print and surprise you in the bill but NO! They came out and said boom sucka, $27.95 a month. I should get vonage out of principle alone!
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    Sure, and then when you need 911 service, you have to traverse 2 levels of Customer service just to get to the state police.

    Packet8 is much better quality and service.
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    I hate those commercials where they ask how much someone's paying for their phone bill. The people's answers always include their cell phone bills, and then vonage is like OMG WE ARE CHEAPER. Well, yeee aren't a cell phone company now are ya.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    What is so great about 30 bucks a month? Isn't Vonage an internet phone service?

    I get unlimited long distance on two lines for thirty bucks a month.
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    :bugeye: :bugeye: :bugeye: We pay $50 a month and we don't get no stinkin unlimited long distance.
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    Vonage has good international rates, but lower quality at times. Also, their basic package starts from 14.95 not 24.95.
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