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Homework Help: Oh my god I forgot how to do limits

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    So here I am doing vector calculus homework and BOOM, 1st semester calculus limits slap me in the face. Now I re-read up on L'Hospitals rule for when you have 0/0 but I can't remember what you are suppose to do when you have say, 3/0 as the limit x-->0

    What is the procedure for that.
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    Whats the function? Usually if you get constant over constant then you can filter out a multiplicative factor from the equation before taking the limit
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    If the numerator of a fraction goes to a non-zero constant while the denominator goes to zero- there is NO limit!
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    instead of relearning "how to do them", why not learn for once and all what they mean?
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    yeah, this is true. Limits are a topic where if you understand them (and if you don't understand limits then you don't really understand anything in calculus, but you might THINK you do, and if you don't understand anything in calculus then you don't understand most things in engineering and physics.) then you will probably know how to find them forever. If you understnad limits then all you need to find them are some algebra skills and maybe a very short list of theorems under your belt, such as L'Hospital's rule.
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    Don't go too hard on him, he's a nice penguin.
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    lol indeed so
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