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News Oh my god!

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    Are you talking about the people getting the treatments?

    The people taking it from dead humans?

    The peope taking it from dead humans without their consent after they were executed?

    Or all of the above?
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    Sounds like a tall story.
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    About the last two. Most of the people buying this product wouldn't even be knowing what this is made of.

    Assuming that the Guardian is to be trusted: Many of the prisoners in China are political prisoners. What the Chinese are doing basically amounts to killing innocent and guilty people and then using them to manufacture products. This is just like the Nazis.
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    I found all three to be repugnant. :yuck: Having any dead animal injected into me would be disgusting, and they do it for vanity.

    If there were no market. there would be no market. I believe the story probably has some merit, but it is also probably dramatized.

    No doubt though, the Chinese Govt. is at least as proficient at propaganda as the US.
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    Seems to be just a continuation of a British tradition. Back in 1752 parliament passed an act giving the medical profession the bodies of executed felons for dissection. As this didn't satisfy demand and body snatching was still rife parliament then extended it to paupers.
    The same basic motivation being as now the rich wanted treatments which required human experimentation so who better than the 'great unwashed' to provide the raw material.

    An added advantage for the rich was it was believed back then you could not go to heaven if you had been dissected and so it reduced the number of peasants they'd have to suffer in the afterlife.

    Who says China isn't capitalist :biggrin:
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    Are you all right? A cure is good for everyone, not just the rich.

    I do. It's communist. If you deny that, you are denying reality.
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    The US government is not a propaganda machine. It's far better than the PRC by any rational measure.
    And if it hadn't been for the US, the Chinese would have been doing this over half of the world by now.
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    Dream on brother.
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    Was the last sentence meant humorously? As in, pro-US propaganda?
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    Look, I know people say imagination is good and all.. but your just taking it too far.
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    Wow, the US government propaganda is really succesfull in some cases! :wink:
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    :confused: Do you think the poor had access to doctors??

    As they have private ownership of property they have a mixed economy not a communist one.

    BTW I believe the early US had it's fair share of 'resurrection men' as well.
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    My point was that if the US government can convince people to support a war under false pretenses that the Chinese government can convince people that the victims gave their permission to allow their bodies to be harvested.

    I think the whole cosmetic surgery industry, except in the case of birth defects or disfigurement is immoral and barbaric.
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    you'll think twice before giving your Chinese girlfriend a kiss on the cheek next time :biggrin:

    Last I saw a lip gloss being made it had some animals and fat in it too
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    Don't believe the internet? Go down to your local university and ask an economist professor how market oriented china is. Ask for details, ask for an in-depth explanation of how that is un-communist. Furthermore ask how that compares to most countries in the west (I think you'll find Canada is, in many ways, much much more "communist" than China. - and that they're both very much market economies)
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    The entire pharmeceutical industry is too.
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    Entire? Immoral? Why?
  20. Sep 15, 2005 #19
    I wouldn't say it is entirely, there are good things that come from it. The biggest problem is the "Food and Drug Administration, especially under Bush, is run by ex industry execs. so they tend to promote pro industry policies. If people were told the truth, and encouraged to eat a plant based diet they would have little need for all the drugs they must take for all the diseases associated with poor diet.

    They get none of my money. I take seriously what Hippocrates said. My children and I are healthy We don't even get colds and/or flues anymore.

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    I agree. I meant to subject it to similar extreme exceptions that you applied to cosmetics. It was too weakly implied I guess.
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