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Oh My!

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    I was just listening to the conversation between two co-workers. The one speaking is a Young earth Creationist/Intelligent Design believer. He was relating a conversation he had with a "non-believer" the other day.

    The bits I picked up were

    "sure animals adapt to their environment, but there's no such thing as evolution. We're supposed to believe that we evolved from apes? What, some apes said "let's turn into humans, while the other apes decided to pass?"

    When asked about dinosaurs "you can make anything you want out of a bunch of bones, there weren't any dinosaurs". "Now there were things called dragons, but they lived at the same time men did".

    Then he was explaining why the earth and humans aren't perfect. "God designed everything perfect, it's sin that has caused things to become imperfect".

    Unfortunately I missed what he said about the big bang.

    He did say that the earth was at most 7,000 years old. :surprised :bugeye: :eek:
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    This guy deserves a medal. :rofl:
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    I think this is more or less the same argument put forward by people who did not believe in evolution during Darwin's time, which led to that infamous cartoon of Darwin atop a tree.

    Oh, yes. Dragons are real...even Discovery Channel made a show about them. :tongue2:

    Right, and the universe is just over 12,000 ly wide.
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    Not quite. There are 'sane' people who are religious. It's those who take things to the extreme that are stupid. They neither know about their so-called religion nor do they know the facts [or just want to ignore it].
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    I have a friend who says the same kind of garbage Evo posted, and hes an engineering student! :surprised

    I have another friend that does not believe in evolution and he's a biology major. :surprised

    I have not met a single 'sane' religious person.
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    I'm floored that this hasn't been locked. What am I missing?
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    Locked for what? If people think the world is 7,000 years old there crackpots. Lets not dance around the obvious.
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    Why should a thread concerning rank idiocy be closed?
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    What's the yardstick(?) for measuring sanity here? You?:tongue2:
    I've seen religious people who believe in Evolution and Big bang as well:wink:
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    Generic discussions of Intelligent Design creationism and evolution are allowable. I will remove the negative religious remark, although it wasn't about a "specific" religion, which is what is not allowed.

    The thread is about people refusing to understand basic science, this is something that affects all of us.

    He's telling people that dinosaurs are fakes.
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    Go make me some gourma sabzi you crackpot!
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    Some people like to call it extreme, I like to call it fundamentalism.

    It sounds like that coworker of Evo needs a better science education or to maybe look up the word "speciation."
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    Just note that I'm not defending them! Anyway as Evo mentioned she's going to remove negative religious remark:wink:
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    That's my wife you're calling a crackpot. If she happens to make any gourma sabzi, it's not going into the end of you you think.
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    You might point out to this person that except for some unimportant details, this is pretty much a description of evolution.
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    Did you see the documentary "100 Reasons Why Evolution Is Stupid"? You should see it, you can find it on google and it is quite entertaining. The guy is correct on some points that in some ways science is a religion as well, but it is hilarious how he is so convince that evolution is 'stupid' :rolleyes:
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    I've seen it! And while even my grasp of evolution is superior to his, I actually agree with his underlying premise, that being that our schools are teaching our children stupid ideas. The 'evolution' taught in schools is exactly what he describes, and it has all the flaws that he describes. Just one more problem with our education system...
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    Did a PF mentor just claim that science was a religion? :rolleyes:

    Let us examine it, shall we?

    To call science a religion should immediately be recognized as an ideological attack, rather than one based on facts. It is a rather ignorant claim in attempting to discredit scientific research and development.

    Does science make supernatural claims? No.
    Does science differentiate between sacred and profane objects, places and times? No.
    Does science have ritual acts focused on sacred objects, places and times? No.
    Does science have a moral code with supernatural origin? No.
    Does science employ religious feelings? No.
    Does science amount to a dogmatic world view? No.
    Does science engage in communication with the supernatural (prayer, meditation and so on)? No.
    Is science a social group bound together by the above areas? No.


    Courtesy of Austin Cline.
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    The Creationist Nightmare


    A paper clip is not complex at all. Yet we know that it has been designed. Why? Because of its artificiality. That is how you infer design.

    </off topic rant>
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