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Oh no, The Bachelor is going to be on again.

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    Man, another show that I don't watch taking up another hour of space on the network, on again. Plus, this is like the sexiest guy yet, and I wish I had his car.
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    I liked Sadie.
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    I think I saw a preview, if I remember correctly he was really icky.

    No link to the show?
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    I thought you were a dude MK?
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    I hate "reality" TV
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    This stuff isn't reality. It is quasi reality at its best, and totally contrived at its worst. Send them to Africa to feed the poor, that's reality.
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    Hence the quotations marks, I didn't come up with the name reality tv but for some reason its what they call it :rolleyes: . Those shows are such a huge waste of time. I will never understand how people can get so hooked on shows like that, they just irritate me to no end :tongue:
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    Oh, but peasant life is already so romanticized and idealistic! I say we send environmentalists.
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    I love comedy shows and show for plain old entertainment a tad of drama here and there.

    Lots of shows are pure drame, like the OC, Lost, One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls (not in the begining though), etc...

    It drives me insane how anyone could watch those.
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    All the stuff on TV now makes me long for the good old days.

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    Trista is still married to the fireman right? So real love can happen..
  13. Mar 27, 2007 #12
    The bachelor has got to be the most awful programme ever put on television!
    I don't care how handsome or pretty the participants are - it makes me cringe.You've gotta be desperate for love to be on the bachelor and you must know that you are too, but do people have to let the whole world know they are?
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    Hah! I just thought of a bumper sticker:

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    Oh, I love it when reality show season starts. It gives me no reason whatsoever to want to even turn on the TV, so I can get so many other things done without the distraction of something entertaining on TV. :biggrin:
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