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Oh, the irony?

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    I feel this post may get deleted. This made me chuckle, though (and slightly weep :/);
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    Not much to discuss, but the scientist showed lack of judgement.
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    Certainly Taylor made a poor choice in wardrobe for that particular occasion, or at least he was thoughtless. I'd probably get reprimanded if I wore such a shirt to work, and I could possibly get suspended, as it would be a violation of practices in the workplace.

    I think there is various possible discussion - e.g., trends in the media, especially the media that promotes/exploits Kim Kardashian, or other troubled individuals.

    There could also be a discussion on the impact of Taylor's apparel. Look at how to news organization report on the event.

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/space/11232986/Matt-Taylors-sexist-shirt-and-the-day-political-correctness-officially-went-mad.html [Broken]
    "Matt Taylor's sexist shirt and the day political correctness officially went mad"
    "All eyes should have been on Rosetta and Philae's voyage to Comet 67P [I agree]. Instead offence-hunters were looking at a scientist's kinky shirt [In general, I disagree, but perhaps some were]."
    The Telegraph seems rather dismissive of the effect/impact of Taylor's choice of apparel for a public discussion. I don't think some scientists who took offense had actually gone looking for offense. I can expect some women scientists were rightfully offended. I would certainly wonder about a colleague who would wear such attire in a professional setting, and I'm sure management where I work would be apoplectic if someone were to show up at a press conference dressed as Taylor did.

    Taylor’s gaudy clothing, including images of semi-naked women, sparked a row over his wardrobe and infuriated fellow scientists.
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    Thought this was micromass
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    Where I can download the image of his t-shirt? I want to print it and to wear it to support the poor guy.
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    I need to get one before my trip to the keys but I would never wear something like this to work even in a shipyard if there was any possibility of public exposure on official business. It's hideous. o0)
    https://www.alohaland.com/whats-new/new-gunner-girls-sold-out [Broken]
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    Well there's finding out how to get one of those shirts.
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    Thank you!
    yes, I am male chauvinist pig and I am proud of it!
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    Poor taste? Maybe.
    Poor taste/just plain dumb at work? Probably.
    Sexist? No way did he think that far ahead.
    Cool shirt? If you're a hater, definitely not.
    Some people will always find something to complain about, he was the target on this one.
    Move on people, nothing to see here.

    P.s. Would I spend that much on a shirt? Highly unlikely.
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    I wouldn't wear a shirt like that, but it does make for some neat tattoo artwork.
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