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Ohmic contact of led chips

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    led chips is a P-N jontion which MQW in middle. And than it bonds metal on P-side and N-side which we call ohmic contact.I had try to draw the band gap graph. Base on theory, when different material bond together, their fermi energy became the the same energy level. I know that the contact of silicon and metal bends the energy band gap because the fermi engery of metal force which of sillicon to be the same.
    The question is, if that bending by ohmic contact making any affect of the energy gap shape of P-N jontion? (without considering MQW)
    And, If metal on P-side and N-side is not the same(having different fermi level), when they all bond onto the sillicon, how is the band gap graph look like?(Is it seems like the fermi energy of sillicon force to equal these two metal fermi engergy?that will never happen!)
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