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Homework Help: Ohms law

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    i have to think of different ways to test ohms law but could only come up with using an ammeter and voltmeter..the typical experiment that is seen all over the internet. what way could i test this law using basic everyday things?

    and what errors could happen for the typical experiment? could the voltage be so high that it blows out?

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    Chi Meson

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    Ohm's Law actually states that current is proportional to the voltage across a wire. That is, if you double the voltage, you should double the current, etc. if the resistance is constant.

    Likewise, you could change resistance (by doubling the length of a wire) and see what has to be done to the voltage to keep the current a constant amount)

    You could use a different object (bulbs, small motors, etc) to determine relative currents instead of a multimeter.
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