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Homework Help: Ohm's law

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    I need help with this question... The manufacturer of a 12V car headlight specifies it will draw a current of 6A. You would like to check this claim with an ammeter designed to measure currents up to 10A and having a resistance of 0.1 Ohms. Which of the two figures below represents a circuit where the ammeter correctly measures the current in the headlight?

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    The diagram shows an voltmeter, not an ammeter ... ?

    Ignoring that (assuming the voltmeter is an ammeter) what are your thoughts on the question?
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    just read your textbook, or use Google..

    if you cant answer this by yourself you haven't made any effort.
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    Uhm....Voltmeters and ammeters are different things. But taking that the voltmeter is an ammeter. How do junctions affect currents and pd's ?
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    Maybe he meant to put a 0.1 Ohm shunt across the Voltmeter. That turns it into an ammeter.
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