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OHTL Tubular steel poles

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    Does any body knows a standard way of determining the hight of 11 KV transmission line galvanised steel poles ?
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    Welcome to Physics Forums Magwa.

    Steel poles for transmission lines are designed to AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) standards. Looks like this company makes them up to heights of 110 feet.
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    Thank u so much dlgoff , but i am looking for the standard that TAPP and its similar companies are using to design the OHTL tubular steel poles bec. as far as i can understand that every location is going to have its own structure according some variables like voltage level of the line , wind velocity , temp. , etc. and there is no particular standard poles to be used. So i hopefully am trying to find these standards (ASCE’s Design of Steel Transmission Pole
    Structures, and ANSI/NEMA standard No. TT1 latest edition,) in order to design my case.
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