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Oil and Gas Engineering

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    I had come to a university hoping to study Petroleum Engineering but they said what they teach is Oil and Gas Engineering. Really I do not know more about the differences if there is because petroleum implies oil and gas. But, there should be a reason why it is called that way and not PE. Now I have to make a choice into one of the following:

    Oil and Gas Department
    1) Oil and Gas Extraction
    • Development and Exploitation of Oil, Gas and Gas Condensate Fields
    • Offshore Oil and Gas Technologies
    • Labour Protection in Petroleum Production
    2) Drilling

    My question is what is the closest to PE and which of the two should I choose to get the chance to easily get a job. Or should I not pursue any because it is not what I am thinking it is.

    Thanks . . . I hope to get a quick reply.
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    Update : Initially I had thought that Petroleum Engineering incooperates both drilling and extraction. So now I need to know what is it that I must choose to ensure a better decision since I had PE in mind.
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    Can't I be enlightened ?
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    Well, it is your choice to make, as to what your speciality will be. You obviously had a preconceived idea as to what Petroleum Engineering entailed and the visit to the university has outlined what they think is important to teach in the Oil and Gas Department of Engineering. If this is a four year course at your university of choice, most likely the first year studies would, or should, be basically the same, and the specialization should branch out from there especially in years 3 and 4. What other information does the Dept. give you for the specializations that could help you to decide? Perhaps you could also check with some other universities giving education directly applicable to the petroleum industry and see if something more favourable to you does apply.

    Since the petroleum industry is not going to disappear anytime soon, I would think that acquiring a job after graduation would not be that much trouble. Afteral, they hire engineers from all disciplines.
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