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Oil companies immunity

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    The things that this US administration does continue to astound me. Sad but unfortunately true to form.


    This executive order will have far-reaching consequences.
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    Unfortunately, this is pretty par for the course, isn't it? Corporations get immunity from nearly everything these days, including taxes, so why should this be a surprise?
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    That article was pretty heavily biased. In some cases the quotes were chopped up to remove qualifying statments in order to make them sound more absolute.

    However, not being a lawyer, its not an easy order to interpret. I'd like to hear an opinion from a real judge on what the implications are, rather than a lawer connected to a tabloid.
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    If this is for real, it is outrageous.
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    I tend to think my reading comprehension is pretty good, but I don't speak lawyerese. If anyone has any insight, I'd be more than willing to hear it.
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    It's declared as a "National Emergency", and from what little I can tell, it basically does what that lawyer in that article says it does, immunity from prosecution.
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