Oil hits $100 a barrel.

  1. Well it finally happened. I'm still going to be driving my car around though, as theres no adequate and timely public transport to get me to and from where I need to go.

    Still you would think somethings got to give.
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    According to Newsweek, the Honda Civic Diesel get 55 mpg in combined highway and city driving, which is 5 mpg better than their gasoline powered hybrid. The price of biodiesel is about $3.00 a gallon in the US.
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    My Mariner hybrid still averages 33+ MPG (DLMG)!

    DLMG = Driving Like My Grandma
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    I don't know what my 1.2L Citroen diesel did 10years ago - I can't remember ever having to fill it up!
  6. Too bad. They have pretty good public transportation here at Florida State/Tallahassee, 100% free for students. I haven't owned a car in three years and have probably saved over a thousand dollars in gas money.
  7. Looks like Cheney'll be celebrating. We have a Civic Hybrid, its pretty cool.
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