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Oil II

  1. Jul 28, 2008 #1
    Now in Saudi Arabia there is a funny condition the Air line industry is in bad shape this year because of the oil prices and all that
    In the country of oil:rolleyes:

    The reason is that the Saudi Arabia and all the OPEC countries don't have neither the capability nor the knowledge to process the oil and produce the oil derivations
    So Why the benzene is so high …4$
    Who is the responsible of this the one barrel of benzene is about 400$ …

    I think that the 10 oil companies are responsible WITH intention of our huge oil prices they can for example win 1*10^7 $ or 1*10^8 $ instead of 1*10^9$ in the day (this numbers after they pay all the costs of the productions and the workers paychecks of the day) what they do with ALL

    That money…!!!!
    What we can do to stop them …:confused:
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