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Oil Leakage from Turbine Governor

  1. Oct 22, 2009 #1
    I am looking for feedback into the possible causes of oil leakage from a turbine governor that controls a pelton turbine. The following is an abstract of the issue.

    1. Governor Make : Ganz Mavag, Budapest
    2. Model : 1979
    3. Present Status : Oil Leaks from within the Governor Shaft Assembly, although the exact location is unknown/hidden
    4. Clauses : Oil leaks only when the generator generates low power; when a 6.3 MW generator runs at 0.9 MW load. If the load is increased i.e. the generator starts generating power more than say 2 MW, the oil leakage from the governor assembly stops.

    5. What I figured out!!

    I thought that the most probable cause would be the wearing away of the main governor shaft at one of the ends. Since this shaft is driven by oil hydraulic, and since the oil is held by two rubber gaskets at both ends of the shaft; as the shaft moves to an extreme position, the oil at high pressure squirts out from the worn out periphery of the governor shaft at the gasket.

    What are your viewpoints?
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