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Ok Fish

  1. Aug 19, 2003 #1
    Well fish I am bored. Bored with this forum and lack of thought. The continual stopping short of your borders. I actually witnessed the banging of fish heads into the bowl wall that does not exist and the exclamation of ouch.

    I hear on a continual basis the quotes out of context and the idiotic conversations. Funny when I came to this forum I thought there would be some intelligence for me to determine what to do and yet it has gone nowhere and yet I have witnesses the potential of some.

    My destiny is not here, but is elsewhere. You will not be a witness to the truth, not my truth, but the truth that you have yet to uncover within yourselves. If you think it does not exist, that will be your problem. Remember life is cash, credit or god forbid forgive the god prepayment. Who the hell does that. In the end when the cards are placed upon the table they will be what they will be and the dealer will call it in no matter how much the world moans. It is your game and your choice, there is more because you have yet to see what there is.
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    There is no god

    Glub glub glub

    is that the sound a fish makes?
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