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Ok, I give up, What is -Et?

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    I can't figure it out. I missed this somewhere, and got by with just figuring it as an -R group, but is it some specific group?

    Such as epoxy ---(alkoxy & EtOH) ---> n-alkoxy alkanol

    Where the hell did I miss this, it seems everywhere in my book now that i'm studying for the ACS exam, but I can't find where the explanation is.

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    Ethyl. H3CH2C-
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    It's an informal shorthand that is fairly popular.

    And don't come back if you see a Me- group somewhere...
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    Or Ph- for that matter :)
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    Thanks! I knew of the phenyl group shorthand, but not ethyl. Lucky for me, I was just treating the -Et as -R and it worked out ok;) Thanks for the tipoff on methyl with -me, I guess ch3 is really MUCH longer! lol!

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    My professor actually uses a greek [tex]\phi[/tex]- ,for the same purpose.
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    That's old school. Not many people use that anymore. Sure is convenient though!
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