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Ok I slapped someone and I feel bad

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    I went to an atheists meeting a year ago, and I brought my daughter she isn't an atheist she believes that there is something out there and there is something after you die, which I say ok you're a weirdo, but I love you. The only reason I brought her was cause I couldn't find a babysitter, and I was told it was ok. So my daughter was talking to a woman that I think might have ran the get together. I heard this woman tell my daughter that she was stupid for her beliefs, so I slapped her, the woman not my daughter. I'm not very big either. at the time I was about 5'0 110 lbs, this happened over a year ago, and now I'm 5'0 135 lbs, and all this is starting to effect me. I guess it was the wrong thing to do, but what would you do if someone called your kid stupid?

    Now when I go and sign up for things I'm automatically banned. Which I think is unfair I'm an atheists but I'm also a mom.
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    I think it was a mistake to act so hasitly you should have talked to your daughter but now you shouldn't feel bad for what you have done but as you stated that you feel bad then try to apologize to that woman
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    Feel bad ? When your daughter grows up and have children, she'll understand you were right, slap her! Insulting is a sign of impolite_ness and disrespect. I never feel bad if I slap a boy's face for his disrespect to me or anyone I love.
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    I think some people look at my daughter and think cause she's pretty that she must be stupid, which is what I think that woman thought. Also I'm not just saying my daughter is pretty cause I'm her mom, she won a contest at her school for prettiest girl the past decade. She is really pretty, and it pisses me off that people use her looks to undermine her
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    It is generally not appropriate to slap (or resort to physical contact) someone for a verbal offense. It could result in criminal or civil charges.

    One approach would have been to admonish the offender in front of one's child, and then have a separate discussion with one's daughter.

    When one mentions one is banned, banned from what?
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    than don't give it much concern. The people who think so are just stupid so try to tell your daughter to talk people after observing and thinking carefully
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    Slapping wasn't really the best thing to do, but I do understand it. If somebody is rude against the people I love, I might lash out as well and do things I'll regret later (strange thing is that I won't do that if somebody is rude to me personally). Don't worry too much about it, you obviously love your daughter very much and that's the important part.
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    Astro is correct, at least here in the US, you could have been arrested for assault. A verbal insult is never cause for physical violence. You taught your daughter that it's ok to act violently and irrationally when confronted by simple rudeness.

    You should have told the woman that your daughter wasn't stupid. And that as an adult, she should have used more sense.

    I guess the most important question is, did you apologize to the woman in front of your daughter so that your daughter would understand the mistake you made? Did you have a talk with your daughter explaining that what you did was wrong and that she should never act upon her feelings in violent ways?
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    I didn't apologize and I would like to, but now I don't think I will be able to get in contact with that lady.
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    You're not at all ashamed or disappointed for allowing your girl to participate in such superficial nonsense? Anyways, you shouldn't have slapped that woman if it was in front of your daughter. What kind of example are you setting? A pretty bad one.
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    I didn't pick her as prettiest, the staff at her school told me she was the prettiest girl they've seen win the prettiest girl contest in the past decade. It was the yearbook contest thing, where they pick most likely to succeed and best looking and all those stupid categories. I rolled my eyes when they told me that, me or her don't let her looks influence things.
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    That woman was really really rude to my daughter, and yes I acted inappropriately, but I was trying to protect my daughter. I would love for my kid to be an atheist, but she isn't one and I have to respect that about her. I didn't slap her in front of my daughter I slapped her later on when she told me what happened. I normally don't go around slapping people, but I let my anger take over.
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    Can I ask what the purpose of an "aethist" meeting is? Do you gather just to discuss the fact that you don't believe in imaginary beings?
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    Pretty much, the whole thing is a little self righteous.
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    ... As much as i don't want to question parenting. But i was wondering. What's the deal of being an "atheist" or an "eist" these days? I would love my kids away from all those irrelevant things.
    Refutal against invalid doesn't end well. Meaningless and garbage (Apologies to atheist member here).... Entertaining thought. ^^
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    An atheist meeting sounds pretty hippie actually, were there any purpose for that? Do people hold those like it's some hobbyists convention?
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    A person who calls other especially a little girl stupid only because their beliefs are different from each other doesn't sound a decent person to me, so I try to take a distance as far as possible from her/him.
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    The only reason she went with me was cause I didn't have a babysitter. Also you seem to be taking this really personal I didn't slap you.
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    An atheist meeting? This sounds like some troll from reddit.
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    I understand the fierce she-wolf reaction when something unfair happens to your kid. Really, I totally, totally get that - I'm the mother of a daughter.

    But let's examine what could have happened, or what may have already happened:

    • You now have a reputation as someone who is unbalanced and unstable. This could cost you in terms of future friends, study buddies, job opportunities, etc. This may have already happened, who knows.
    • The woman you slapped could have been a way better fighter than you, and totally kicked your @ss.
    • The woman you slapped knows someone who is a way better fighter than you, and has arranged for you to be jumped. That may have already happened, too.
    • The woman could have decided to call the cops, and press charges. You are immediately arrested for assault and taken to jail. If you can't reach a family member or friend (I think you're given maybe one call?), your daughter is taken into state custody -- a foster family until your kin can be contacted. What a horrific thing to put your daughter through! Oh and guess what, that may be happening this minute.

    Come on, you are an *adult* and a mother.
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