Ok this is not a math or science question but i really need help with dis homework.

Kim Sun Gone, son of the president of the Kaluchruran, was on holiday in Auckland with his trusty bodyguard in February 2003 when disaster struck. Having walked down in Frost Road on a scorching summer day, Kim strolled in Mt Roskill intermediate School to get a drink from the fountains. While in the school grounds, he was kidnapped, sparking off what was to become one of the most sensational criminal cases in New Zealand’s History.

File 1. Urgent Fax from the president of Kaluchura
Situation: The president of Kaluchura, Mai Sun Gone, is extremely upset and angry to hear about the kidnap of his beloved son. His wife has also taken the news very badly and her health has suffered. The president sends a message by fax to our Prime Minister Mrs Clarkster pointing out how disappointed and up set he is. He also makes the points that Kaluchura is an extremely powerful country and her threatens New Zealand with…? Unless Kim is returned safe and sound.

Task: Write the fax god this problem is making me literaly!


Science Advisor
It would help if you were clearer about the task:
"Task: Write the fax god this problem is making me literaly!".

For one thing, it might be nice to know where the "task" ends and where your comment begins: are we to write to the "fax god" or simply write a fax? Uhh, what fax?

Do YOU know what you are supposed to do?

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