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Okay, make me look good again

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    This girl I know was at the local casino and somebody hit her car. The casino security saw it happen and got the man's insurance information. The guy is being a real jerk and a letter to his insurance company went unanswered. I tried to get more information about this insurance company but couldn't find anything. Is anyone from Dayton, Ohio? Here's what the casino gave my friend. letter for letter, including mispelling
    Metropolitin Group Company
    PO Box 48020, Dayton Ohio 45475-0020
    I couldn't find anything, and I don't know if she can even do anything if she does find the insurance company, since the accident happened outside of the US on an Indian reservation.
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    Surely the security people got his driver's license and license plate info? Her insurance company is making the claim against his company, correct? That's the correct procedure. She wouldn't pursue this on her own. If she doesn't have insurance then she should probably lay low.

    If for some reason you aren't letting her insurance company handle this, and she is legal, (then why would you do this?) then you could contact the police department where he's registered and let them know he is in violation of insurance laws.
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    yeah, that's what I keep telling her, let the insurance company work it out. she has all his dl information also, I didn't want to post it here. estimates to get it fixed were around $500 and her car is an old junker, barely worth that much, so she wanted to work a deal and settle.
    I don't want to get involved, but I did say I would try to get a phone number for that insurance company. I was hoping to let someone here do the dirty work and I'd reap the rewards. That's what PF used to be about. I used to look REALLY good, any question I had I could come and ask it here and the next day be overloaded with info. I don't know how many computers I've fixed thanks to PF. People looked at me like a God, but a minor one because I always led them to believe their problem was one of the most difficult ones I'd ever seen and took me hours of work and research.
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    Clever man trib. Very clever.
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    Metropolitan Auto & Home
    P O Box 41178
    Dayton, Oh 45441
    937 271-9039
    937 885-0724 Fax
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