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Okay Physicists. Explain!

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    Watch his hands, the one under the table does not move until the coin is produced and after the coin has 'disappeared' from the top of the table the hand above the table does no move. Thus I think it is fair to say that he hides the coin (he chooses a small one on purpose) and hides it between his fingers (3rd and 4th)
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    And with the salt shaker, note how he hides the emergence point - there is a hole in the table most likely, his choice of table is NOT random - note the lighting (very bright for an underground bar!) and in particular with the salt shaker trick he covers up over half of the table - I'm guessing the table isn't symetrical and has some hidden holes etc - also I'm guessing the audience and place is a set up
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    Or maybe it's plasma, or a foam
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    No i was thinking about that and I realised that a non-newt or form etc wouldn't work as objects (including his arm) rest on the table - and the table does not deform also a foam would not work as it would not have the transparent and refldective properties required
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    Damnit. I was hoping at least SOMEONE (preferably the first poster) would say "Magic!"
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    Well, we haven't ruled out plasma yet, or aerogel, or cyanoacrylate.
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    Now now we know everything has an explanation

    No we haven't however I doubt that such lengths would be gone to. My interpretation of the trick is that the first is acomplished by palming and probably a bit of magnetism (his ring?!)

    The second is a 'set' table, a table with a hole, the camera angle and his hand block the viewpoint and the objects far away on the table attempt to disguise the fact the table is non symetrical, I'm guessing that if the restaurant/bar is real then he has been there and set it up before!

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    The table has a hole.
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    You say his ring, you say his plasma... did you forget the girls did it as well? Or were they props? very possible... and probably the only explanation. or perhaps it's just brain power. Everything has an explanation... but some things cannot be answered with current science.
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    It was pretty amazing. The coins I can get my head around an expert palm trick, but not the salt shaker.
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    I can't get the video to work. Is this the one in a Japanese restaurant? If it is good luck explaining that. It was pretty darned cool.
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    It's MAGIC!!!!! :biggrin:
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    Oh for ...

    It's a magic trick, not a debate about the existance of God.
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    i couldnt think of anything but the fact it was all staged, and they didnt film it whole the time...
    i dont believe filmed or pictured acts, not that its impossible to get me even when its infront of me, but it makes it alot easier to fool people when you can edit a recorded act...
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    That guy is good. Really good.

    I`m not so sure it's staged, I think he's on a weekly tv show or something. I've seen another video of him heating a cup of noodles with his brain. I`ll try and look for it.
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    One of my hobbies is designing illusions (I'm working on a new type of stage guillotine right now :devil: ), so these things always fascinate me. I know how the first one is done, and the guy's definitely an expert.
    I'm a little against people giving away the trick to things, since it sort of ruins the illusionist's act and (s)he has paid a lot to obtain or design the thing. A guillotine like mine, for instance, sells for over $2,000 US. That's a lot to shell out for something that won't impress anyone because they know how it's done. Speculation is always fun, but if any of you really know the answers, please refrain.
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    what's that guy's name? is he going to be the new davod blaine or what?
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    Chi Meson

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    Can't figure out the salt shaker, but the coin is relatively easy.

    Most countries still have some coins that can be picked up by magnets. Think of that while you watch his ring. Two sleights of hand, and he hands the original coin back to the woman!
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