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Old booze

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    is it safe to drink alcohol that has been sitting around for a long time? for example, i just found a bottle of vodka that was left by the previous owners of my home- and the label says "bottled in USSR." is it still ok to consume, or would i be better off throwing it out?
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    it's just fermented a little longer! :wink:
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    if it was 80 proof originally, what would it be after 15 years?

    i found something floating in it, i doubt it's anything like bacteria (hopefully not sars!) maybe just a lead paint chip. keep in mind this is soviet goods.
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    i wouldnt recomend drinking it, especially vodka, not at your age anyway im guessing your dont drink alcohol much seeing as your quite young 16 i think? and if you found something floating in it i would most definetly give it a miss.
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    Well, it's not going to get any safer. Just drink it kid... maybe it'll put some hair on your chest.

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    haha, i'm not 16... and there's worse stuff i could be doing, like drinking it while i'm driving.

    besides, what else is there to do with it? dumping it seems like a waste.
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    If it tastes bad just add some chilly
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    Alchohaul is aged. So more aging= better alchohaul. Go to it!

    Do you throw away an old bottle of wine? I think not!
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    I would if it had already been opened, dont like wine much anyway but like vinegar even less! Does the same happen to Vodka if its left opened?
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    Oh well it's open then definitely toss it.
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    If it's left by previous owners, then definately toss it.

    Drunk people have been known to do strange things.

    There is nothing wrong with vodka/rum/etc if it's old, AFAIK. The stuff is a disinfectant to begin with.

    (VERY strange things)
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    If the vodka is 80 proof, it's not going to climb in proof. Remember that alcohol evaporates. But if the cap was on, it should be fine. I've had 20 year old moonshine before. It was as strong as it probably was coming off the still!
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    On second thought, if it's authentic Russian vodka and it is infact as old as you say, you might be able to sell it to a collector... or give it to me, and I'll drink it Finnish style.

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