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Old Computer Science Game

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    I am trying to remember the name of this old (probably dos, but I can't remember) computer game.

    At the start you could click on 3 different factories. A blimp one, the Cart one of the Airplane one or something like that. Then after that you have to go through the 2d level collecting parts for your blimp/cart/plane. Once you've collected all the parts you get to assemble your vehicle and race against some professor guy.

    But there are monkeys running around and they stop you from getting stuff so you have to throw banana at them to make them sleep or something. Anyway when ever you try to get through a door you get presented with a science or math related puzzle that you have to solve to get through.

    If anyone remembers the name of this game could they please tell me? :D
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    Sorry, dude... no go. I was using an Atari 800XL back then, and went straight to Mac after. I used DOS at the bar, but didn't have any games.
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    Up until here, it sounded a bit weird, but reasonable.

    This is completely random. Are you sure this was a game, and not a trip or something? :rofl:

    Anyway, here's a really long list of 80's computer games. Or was it from the 90's? I did a find check on it and didn't see anything resembling your game, but you might want to look around just in case. I think I saw a link to a message board, they might have a better idea of where you should search, or might even know what game you're talking about
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    i know what you are talking about but i cant put my finger on the name the professor dude had crazy hair and theeir was information about drag for the plane one and stuff like that...same game? i dont think it was as old as 80s or even dos..
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    "Morty Maxwell The Master Of Mischief" -- Awesome.

    Can I be "Debra D, the Doctor of Destruction"? or "Demolition" or ???
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    God i love the good old games..
    somehow the good old games were just better :P
    games you could play over and over again.
    These days its just one go and toss away. :-/

    i miss jetpack *sniff* :P
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