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Old Dishwasher Motor

  1. Jun 28, 2005 #1
    I found an old dishwasher on the side of the road one night, and naturally i jumped out and scrapped it for parts.

    The big motor that sits on the bottom works
    My question is for the motor to turn i have to give it a twist to get going and then it turns fine.

    I think I need to put on some sort of starting capacitors to give it a kick right?

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    Some motors have starting windings that get switch out of the circuit once running. Not sure if yours works that way. If so, that might be the reason it was on the side of the road.
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    From all the dishwashers I've repaired, in all that time I can't remember one ever having a capacitor. The things are so small, I don't think they're needed.

    You could

    1) try and contact the place that made the dishwasher and see what they say,

    2) do a search on the part number and make,

    3) contact Wilmar (1.800.345.3000) to see if they can find schematics and replacement parts

    4) post photos of your motor here to see if someone recognizes it...

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    May be some lubrication can work...
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    You sound like you should be on that junkyard wars show lol.
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    You need a starting capacitor.
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