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Old historic journal articles digitized online

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    France's national library has digitized all the old volumes of Comptes Rendus, so now anyone can get all the historic math, science, etc articles:
    later volumes are also available, after it was split up into separate subjects, and earlier ones too, from when it was called memoires de l'academie des sciences

    there's a Polish virtual science library also, so now anyone can download the original fund math articles by the polish math crew (sierpinski, banach, kuratowski, & friends), old monografie matematyczne textbooks, etc

    has britain, russia, germany or the US done similar things with their old journals? it would be cool if anyone could get at historic science articles, or anything else I guess. i think it makes sense that a national library would do something like that, since it's a cultural sort of thing.
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    old issues of the gottingen nachrichten

    such as the one where caratheodory introduces his extension theorem (re: measure theory)

    & it's on the gottingen state & university library web page. looks like when they digitize new stuff they add it in the bottom right
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