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Old news,

  1. Oct 16, 2004 #1

    Well, I havn't been to these messageboards in . . . awhile, so maybe I don't know if everybody here has seen this.

    I guess I'm just posting it; comment if you'd like!
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    I seen this couple of days ago, but there is little point in commenting unless one can access the data?..seems that some Theoreticians want a payment for expressing their views, this is having some grave consequences within certain scientific fields.

    Here in the UK this is deemed to be 'egotistical practice', I see it as more than likely the authors have contractual liabilities by big-time societies, such as AJP.
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    This is the AJL paper which has been commented on in the Strings, Branes and LQG forum. The paper has attracted a LOT of attention in the Physics community.
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