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Old PC power supply

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    I just stumbled upon an old PC power supply. I thought it would be a good idea to reuse it. I am thinking making out of it a simple voltage source, as it is already voltage source.

    Can somebody explain me how can I safely get that voltage from those hanging cables that go into HDDs, CD roms etc.

    And would anything special happen if I accidentally short circuit that output(12 V DC or so).

    Voltage source is pretty old, it has 175 W and a bunch of other technical stuff written on it. Peak amperage, voltage etc. If you are interested I can write that down too.
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    You should just Google "PSU" and find out which colors (the leads are color-coded) correspond to which voltages. That will let you know which wires to isolate for your use(s). Have fun.
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    Thank you (:
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    I have seen some supplies that have a crow bar type of breaker in them that does not reset until you unplug and plug back in.

    so if you short something out and it doesnt work, try unplugging it for a few seconds and plugging back in.
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