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Old Vacuum Motor

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    I have a powerful vacuum motor and wanted to put it to use. I would hate for a great functional motor to go to waste. Any project ideas, excluding vacuum cleaners?
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    reactive metals forge
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    Vac-table for making Clone Trooper parts.
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    http://twofoos.com/index.php/8/diy-hovercraft-story-and-materials/" [Broken]
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    Nice, Lisa. I am into building things, but I cant think of anything with this vacuum motor. I need more help.
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    Vacuum table. You heat 3/16th" sintra up with a heat gun until it is flexible (or bake them if they fit in the oven at 450degrees for 2 minutes or so). And you put the sintra on a mold and a flexible top sheet lays over the top of the sintra, the vacuum turns on and sucks the sintra to the form and BAM insta-501st.
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    Very nice concept. Has anyone used this?
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    http://www.501st.com/" [Broken]
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    grinder, cutting tool, etc.---what do you use now that has a motor (and you what to improve or make your 'own')?
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