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Old version of Norton on windows XP

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    I recently installed WIN XP on a system that had 98 previously. The last thing I did before that was to go through the "Wizard" for uninstalling Norton Internet Security for that version, as instructed. All seemed to go well, according to indications, so when finished, I installed XP. When I then started to install the new Internet Security, lo and behold, the old version was still there. Now, I can't put on the new while the old is still there, and XP is incompatible with the old, and won't cooperate in its removal. (To make things worse, I also found an old version of Norton Antivirus.)

    When I go to the Norton website I cannot find a solution for this problem. On the other hand I don't see why I should have to pay them for a phone contact, just to get their product installed. Does anyone have any possible answers?
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    Why did you do an upgrade? Clean install is much better. Wipe out the partitions using the windows xp cd, recreate the paritions as NTFS (not fat32) and the install.
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    The only way to uninstall Norton at this point would be to go into the registry file and delete all keys that point to that utility. Then one simply deletes the files and folders from the C-drive.

    To edit registry file, one runs regedit. Then search on the key strings related to the applications to be deleted, e.g. "Norton" or something like that. Then deleted the keys. I am not sure about upgrades, but they might try to preserve the old registry file somehow, which means old apps are still linked, but the remove or uninstall function may not work.

    *** WARNING *** Do NOT edit the registry unless you are sure of what you are doing! It it the brains of the PC and one can disable a PC by deleting the wrong keys.
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    You should do a back up of the registry before you do anything. It's quite easy. Run REGEDIT and FILE....EXPORT. That will save you a copy of the registry before you make changes.

    I am really wondering if Norton is more trouble now than it's worth. I have tried a couple of Norton products with XP and they both caused nothing but trouble. If you have problems with XP not shutting down in the future...it's Norton.
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    Sorry to be a little off topic, but why you recommend NTFS? Any good?
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    NTFS is superior to fat32 because if fragments less and has security descriptors. It also supports larger partition sizes.
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    Excellent advice, Fred!

    My wife installed Norton Utilities with a firewall, and apparently, according to a thread on forum in www.winguides.com, the Windows networking would be disabled, which is what happened. I still have to figure out how to re-enable it. :grumpy:
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    I work in call center for a university and Norton is a big cause of our headaches. What has been working for us is disabling all startup programs with 'msconfig' run from the command line and restarting your computer.

    I believe the reason why Norton is hard to uninstall is because it is overagressive. When you try to uninstall it, it thinks you are a virus!
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    Thanks. I was afraid that you'd tell me what you did. I was hoping for an easy way out. Guess I'll have to devote the weekend.

    Since I installed XP my system, doesn't shut down automatically. I have to do it manually after signing off; and even then it sometimes comes back up (so I have to stay around and watch it.)

    Still I want to have the package if it will let me. It has saved me from some pretty nasty intrusions in the past, including FTP varieties. (One even had the temerity to carry a title with "Doom" in it.)

    The only reason I spent the money on XP is because my ISP pretty much requires the change.

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    There is no ISP that requres Windows XP. NONE. If they told you that then they are lying. Who is your ISP? What type of service do you have (dialup/dsl/cable)?

    I have installed Norton sucessfully without problem on a CLEAN INSTALL of windows xp. Don't start mixing in legacy junk from a previous install, especially a competely different version of windows.
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    dduardo, are you really in a need of adding more of your feelings into your post like that ? :biggrin:. Installation of an addtitional software if compatible with platform, sure there is no problem, feel free to give it a go and let it make you feel how you'd like feel...:biggrin:
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