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Old Weather Information

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    Hi all,

    I have photometry from a number of sources with only very sparse details about the observing conditions at the time. The only information I have is the date, the filter and the longitude & latitude of the observer.

    Is there any program or website on which one can enter any latitude & longitude plus a date and it will be able to estimate or reproduce the weather logs for that area? Specifically I need ground temperature, ground pressure and if possible humidity.

    Any tips would be very much appreciated,

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    For that matter, I cannot find anything that would produce the elevation of a given longitude and latitude and would work well with a script...
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    Thanks, but is there anything where you enter longitude and latitude rather than the name of a place?

    Also, the elevation problem remains unsolved. I have found several java scripts on the web but nothing which one could easily link into a code.

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    Hmm....not sure about lat and long. I think you may have to manually find the nearest town.

    ....what elevation problem?
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    Hmm that's a great shame... it would make an automated script somehow impossible (or at least from my point of view).

    Elevation problem - I am referring to other problem I posed: is it possible to somehow input long & lat and output elevation of that target (i..e altitude above sea-level). I have found java scripts to do this but nothing which could be linked into a script running on my machine.

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    http://www.earthtools.org/webservices.htm [Broken]

    I had the same trouble finding elevations from lat/long a few months ago. Then I found the above site. It works quite simply, submit the lat and long in the url and it'll return some XML that includes the elevation.

    http://www.earthtools.org/height/52.4822/-1.8946 [Broken]
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    That is excellent, exactly what I was looking for! Thank-you so much.
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