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Older faster if the universe wouldn't be expanding?

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    Would we be getting older faster if the universe wouldn't be expanding?
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    Compared to what? If time were "running" faster throughout the universe, we wouldn't notice because there would be nothing to compare it with.

    Notice that if one person were traveling much faster than the other he would see the second "aging slower" but would not think of himself as aging any faster than normal (and, in fact, the second person would see the first person as aging slower!).
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    The question was incomplete.
    We wouldn't feel any difference in any case, but time would run faster. That's the thing I don't know...what could we compare with our time?
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    Yes, possibly, depending on what you consider the alternative to expanding. If you are considering contraction, as in back toward the Big Crunch, then time would move faster, and so would aging.
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    Well, what would be your reference to 'aging slower' or 'faster'? If time was running any slower or faster due to the rate of expansion in the universe, no one would notice, since there would be no reference to compare what would be faster or slower. Least that's how I see it.
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