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Oldest item of clothing

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    What is the oldest item of clothing in your closet?

    Mine is a pair of jeans circa 1982, i keep then just in case my waist line shrinks.
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    I have a shirt that I wore when I was < 1. It has my name printed on it. My mom kept it :redface:
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    Chi Meson

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    I still have my Joy Division "Unknown Pleasures" t-shirt which I bought in 1981
    That's not the shirt,

    that's what's on the shirt

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    Oldest I have (I think) is either Agnostic Front tour t-shirt or a Bruisers "Street Rock N Roll" t-shirt. Both circa 1997... both still fit... in fact the AF t-shirt is still too big.

    Gotta love the old t-shirts. Only get better with age.

    Yes I know, neither are very old.
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    Oooh..I would kill for that shirt. Just listened to some 'Closer' this morning (must be Monday).
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    Chi Meson

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    Don't kill! Only $23 on ebay!

    And, on the topic, I waited two decades to see http://mrdoob.com/lab/av/saville/" [Broken].

    I have moved-on to happier music, but I can't deny my moribund past

    By the way, the design is a representation of the spectra of a nova.
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    Oldest shirt I have is probably 3 years old. My weight has fluctuated a lot through the years, and I like to donate old clothes to charity so I don't hang on to things for long if I don't wear them.
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    That's awesome! I still love depressing music. It is a whole different experience listening to it now though. That is, when you are no longer morbid. :smile:
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    your jeans are as old as I am woolie!

    I think the oldest thing I have is from about 2003, a festival tshirt, but I moved countries about 2 years ago, so I couldn't keep much old stuff. I think my mom might have some of my old school uniforms from when I was a kid though.
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    A couple of my grandmother's nightgowns are still lurking in a trunk somewhere in one of my bedrooms. I'm pretty sure that she'd been wearing them for several years, and she died in 1953. If I dig around enough, I might find one of my uncle Bruce's outfits. He got shot in France in 1917. His golf clubs and croquette set are still in my basement, so I assume that some clothing is too.
    As for my own stuff, I still have my purple velvet bell-bottoms and platform shoes from the early 70's, and a knitted wool sweater that someone made for me when I was 6 years old, which was 47 years ago. It was too big for me until I was in my teens, and still keeps me quite comfy in unpleasant weather.
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    I do not keep clothes that long. I think the oldest things I have are a couple of sweatshirts from college that are only suitable for bumming around the house or for sleeping in now. (Besides, I can't wear Rutgers shirts on the WVU campus! :rofl:) I also have a couple of t-shirts that are probably about 10 years old by now that I wear for yard work or painting, but even those are starting to reach their limit and are getting tossed to the rag bin as they gather holes in them.

    Everything else I own is probably no older than 5 years. That's about the cycle I have my clothes on to toss out a few old things each year and replace with a few new...except for the pants that seem to shrink too much in the wash (:uhh:) and need to be replaced more often.
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    I've got some old clothes in the bottom of the closet, but nothing worth mentioning, most is probably 10 yrs old. I still need to sift through it when I have the time to spare to bring it to the salvation army, it's all still in good condition.

    I did go through the jeans/pants recently. There was one pair of Gap jeans that was always too big for me, but it turned out I am now to big for the pants. I missed the window of opportunity that it could have fit properly :cry:
  14. Nov 3, 2009 #13
    Crud, I don't think I'm old enough to have anything that qualifies as old clothes.
  15. Nov 3, 2009 #14
    In my closet? Does it have to be mine or someone else's that I've saved? Of my personal stuff, I have a 36 year-old t-shirt that I embroidred a tiger's face on when I was a kid. I did an especially good job and saved the shirt. That lives in my trunk, though, and not my closet.

    Also in my trunk is one of my grandmother's square dancing dresses and crinolins from the 1940s. But the oldest thing in my trunk is an antique wedding dress I purchased from a second hand store. The dress is circa late 1800s. I think that's the oldest piece of clothing I own.
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    21 years is quite old i guess.
  17. Nov 3, 2009 #16
    I have an army Great Coat from WW2. Handed down from some relative.
    I wore it in the late 60's and early 70's It's still around here somewhere.

    looks like this.

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    I have a Woolrich wool checkerboard hunting jacket that was my father's when I was a child, so it's probably at least 50 years old. They aren't allowed for hunting anymore (blaze orange required), so it doesn't see much wear. I also have a heavy Air-Force parka with wolverine fur trim around the hood. It is VERY heavy, and is suitable only for ice-fishing or snowmobiling when physical mobility is not at a premium. My older (by 15-20 years) cousin gave it to me in the 60's, and he had worn it on the flight line in Alaska.

    Not clothing, but I still have a Revelli (sp?) Swiss-made diver's watch that I bought in HS. Got a killer deal on it, and it still works perfectly, after many years of abuse. I use a thinner, lighter, quartz watch (Traser) nowadays, but the Revelli is still on standby. Over 40 years old, never been cleaned or regulated.
  19. Nov 3, 2009 #18
    Pair of Timberland boots I bought back in High School, sometime prior to 1975. They still fit, but the sole has come loose on one of them. I just wore them last Tuesday.
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    I have somewhere a jacket (not sure how to call it properly in English, I mean something that snooker players wear during the matches) that I got from my Dad - so it was bought back in fifties or sixties and is still occasionally used, although mostly by my wife.
  21. Nov 3, 2009 #20

    Chi Meson

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    "Sport coat"


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