Oledlg.dll error

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    This message appeared when I logged in today.It came from Internet download manager and Adobe reader.
    which are set to auto-start on user start up.
    I manually tried to open Internet download manager and still got the same error.
    I have never seen such a thing.

    I suspect this is caused by a virus.

    I had to download something(With IDM) so I downloaded the .dll file(With chrome) from a dll website and copy-pasted it into IDM's folder and everything went to normal.
    Have you had this experience? Can this dll downloaded from the web be a virus?:bugeye:
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    Never had this kind of problems, but what you did was asking for troubles.

    Whether you've caught something or not is another question. You better check your computer with some credible scanner.
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    I scanned all my computer with ESET smart security 7.(Downloaded .dll file too)
    And got no virus...

    What do you usually use?I have been using ESET ever since I first touched a computer.
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    I am using just a free Avast, and for many years I had no antivirus program installed at all.

    But first - I am behind two NATs, second - I am rather cautious as to what I use and install, and to what browser/email program I use. That makes me quite safe, and I have never had any serious problems. The only time my computer got infected was when someone plugged infected pendrive, without asking for my permission.

    Since then my computer is turned off before party guests come.
  6. There's several reasons why this dll file may have gone missing. Bad sector may have developed, windows update may have changed the file, pirated copies of IDM can behave strangely given that IDM has been taking a firmer stance, etc.

    Generally speaking, you want to avoid ever downloading a dll from the internet like Borek said, unless you can verify the contents before it gets executed. Someone could modify the contents to execute extra malicious code and you'd never know about it.

    If it's a system dll then you do two things, first run a check disk with the repair flag (usually involves a reboot) and then you can use the windows utility called System File Checker with the flag /scannow
    Code (Text):

    c:\>chkdsk c: /r
    c:\>sfc /scannow
    If it's a program dll like the one you had, you want to uninstall and reinstall the program in question.

    I would suggest you completely uninstall IDM and verify that the dll you downloaded is gone. Then reinstall the program. Scan your system with an antivirus like Avast, Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG, etc. (one of them, not all) and also with an anti spyware scanner like Spybot Search & Destroy
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    The dll is not in the IDM directory.It's in the system32.I don't know how it got deleted.
    Gom player also can't open.So I copied the downloaded dll to system32 and everythings fine.
    I found this by searching my "computer" (this is my laptop)for that dll and found it in the system32,but couldn't find it in this laptop.
  8. You should compare the two files, the downloaded one and the one on the other computer and check to see if they are in fact the same file. Check the time stamps on the files to see if they match, check the file size, etc. If you have a hex editor that will do file comparisons, use that to see if the files are identical.

    If they are not, then you must delete the downloaded file and use the file from the other computer, it's the only way to be sure that you haven't downloaded anything malicious.

    I was under the assumption that the downloaded file was in your IDM folder so I wasn't too concerned, but if you're dropping it into your system32 folder, then yeah, you want make certain that you're not using anything potentially malicious.
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