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Homework Help: OM theory when metals(Ni,Cu,etc) are involved

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    MO theory when metals(Ni,Cu,etc) are involved

    i know the TOM theory when envolving only 2nd period/N,O,F,etc) but when a metal of d-block is envolved how the theory works? for example Ni have configuration [Ar]4s2 3d8
    but in oxidation 2+ it loses energy so for the OM theory we need to consider the 3s,3p and 3d electrons right? so 16 electrons as the 4s electrons were lost in oxidation... so if we need to connect Ni with N how much the 16 electrons instead the normal 8 afects the situation, i need to see that this connection is paramagnetic, but i have a lot of doubts with the OM theory in situations like this
    have we to consider the orbital 2 of N against the 3 of Niquel? nothing changes with the fact of having the d electrons?
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