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Omega Man

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    I first read this story in New Scientist when I was collecting it. Here are some highlights:

    The article has been reposted here: http://www.you.com.au/news/362.htm and in many other places.

    Any comments?
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    I wonder what Chaitin himself thinks of this article.

    Unfortunately, newspaper and magazine writers, writing about science or mathematics that they don't understand have a tendency to over-dramatise. Sounds to me like an extension of Goedel's work. And the "omega" of the title is a particular example of a non-computable number. We've known they exist for some time.
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    Chaitin has written stuff himself that is scarcely less lurid than this. He is, um, _very enthusiastic_ about his theory and his place in history.
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    anybody understood the part with Diophantine equations from the article?
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    A number with no structure... Randomness... sounds saucy, and it reminds me of QM.
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