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Omega pointe and the Big crunch theories

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    Can someone explain the Omega pointe to me? In regards to the theory of the universe collapsing?
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    In a simplified nutshell, Omega is the symbol used to represent the density of the universe. Omega = 1 is the critical density where there's just enough stuff in the universe such that all that combined gravity is enough to eventually stop the expansion of the universe. If the density is less than that (Omega < 1), then the expansion of the universe is dominant over gravity and the universe will expand forever. If the density is greater (Omega > 1) then gravity wins and the whole universe will stop expanding and then collapse back into a Big Crunch. At Omega =1, there's just enough gravity to counter-balance the expansion and things slow to a stop.
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    In a metaphysical mood, Frank Tipler has hypotesized that the Omega Point might be the ultimate fate of consciousness in the universe, equal to immortality or to knowing and understanding all what is knowable and understandable, what some people would call "becoming one with God".

    He argues that conciousness, which at the moment seems to be an individual property of individual beings like us, will eventually become a collective property of a large system of matter/energy. Such a system could gradually encompass more and more of the matter/energy in the universe, eventually becoming a "universal consciousness".

    If the universe would contract and collapse into a Big Crunch (Omega Point), time (at least subjective time according to the universal consciousness) might dilate to infinite before the Crunch actually happened, allowing the consciousness to compute everything which is computable, in other words, to know everything which is knowable.

    Unfortunately for Tipler and this somehow comforting theory, the latest data seems to show that the universe is not going to contract towards a Big Crunch anyway.....
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    it seems that Tippler's ideas don't apply to the end of the universe due to accelerated expansion- but those ideas DO seem to have relavance in quantum computing- as it appears that any Universal Quantum Computer automatically performs something like Omega point computations [by definition]
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    I'm a closet fan of quantum information theory.
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    Yes, this is true for "classical" content of the universe (i.e. pressure greater or equal to 0). As soon as you consider dark energy with p < 0, this clear relationship between geometry and fate of the universe is lost.
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    What about the resources (including time) that such a Universal Quantum Computer would need to perform Omega point computations?
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