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Omg help !

  1. Jan 12, 2004 #1
    omg help!!!!!!

    ok ppl im having trouble with this problem...

    A glacier moves with a speed of 41 nm/s. How many years would it take for the glacier to move .74km? answer in units of yr.

    ok and this is what ive done...

    i changed 41 nm to km which i got as 41*10^-6 ...

    and then i divided it by 0.74 and got some weird number like 31536000

    ur somebody please tell me how to do it
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    first of all, a nanometer is 10^-12 kilometers

    so the velocity would actually be 4.1*10^-11 km/s

    now we convert this into km/h, so:

    (4.1*10^-11)*3600 = 1.476*10^-7 km/h

    now to get time it would take, we obviously use t = d/v:

    t = (0.74)/(1.476*10^-7)

    t = 5013550.136 hours

    which is approximately 572 years
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    thanks so much u basically helped me through half of my homework!!! u guyz are awesome at this site!
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