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Medical OMG i am losing memory help

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    OMG i am losing memory help!!!

    It seems that i have serious short term memory lately e.g. forgetting what i wanted to say.I though that this syndrom is only for the old folks:confused: is anything wrong with me?i mean i am only 18:cry:
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    There could be any number of things causing it, you need to see a doctor to rule out physical causes.
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    Are you smooking weed ??? :rolleyes:
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    ermz is smooking=smoking? anyway i hate smoke :devil:
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    Are there other symptoms of memory loss that you experience or is it just the forgetting what you were about to say? If not, I don't see a cause for alarm.
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    Could be depression, stress, lack of sleep, anxiety, inproper diet, lack of exercise, loss of a family member, friend, or pet, hormonal changes inducing above symptoms, or any combination of them.

    See a doctor.

    If for some reason you can't or will not go to a doctor.

    1. Eat a healthy diet.
    2. Exercise.
    3. Take a multivitamin.

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    I usually have memory loss when i'm distracted. Like Yesterday.. When my mom asked me to get something downstairs.. By the time i got down.. I forgot what i was supposed to get.. Because I was thinking completely about other things(Homework.. School... and like all guys..Girls..lol) ... If you don't tell your brain to memorize it.. it won't do it :P

    But..... You could also see a doctor..and everything FrogPad is suggesting you.
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    The last thing you should do is repeatedly tell yourself that your memory is bad. This negatively reinforces memory loss and deters you from trying to improve it.
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