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OMG I have an inverview in 3 hours help!

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    OMG I have an inverview in 3 hours!!!! help!

    I've never had a job interview before. It's for my environmental engineering co-op. ahh man, I'm gonna be royally screwed!!!
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    Just relax, act friendly, smile a lot and seem interested in their company. Don't become defensive. Be prepared to talk about how your experience is a great fit for the position you are interviewing for. Hopefully you have been going over this in your mind already and have done some research into the company and position. If not, don't worry, ask questions about the position and then explain how your skills fit.

    If you sent in a resume, take a copy with you that you can reference while you are talking. If you're nervous, you may forget. You'll appear more collected and organized.

    Don't worry, they want to hire someone, so they will be looking for you to give them the reasons to hire you. But don't be arrogant!
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    Congratulations! Remember to maintain eye contact and don't be afraid of blowing your own trumpet (you do have a trumpet to take with you, don't you?) - but don't veer over to cockiness. You're a salesman, selling yourself, so make a good pitch.

    The last question an interviewer usually asks is: "Do you have any questions about us?" Try and think one up in advance. Shows interest.

    Good luck. Don't be down if you don't get the job on your first interview, or if you feel you didn't do yourself justice. Interviews are a skill acquired with practise - everyone knows what it's like to not make it, for whatever reason.
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    Reminds me of that night with Princess Diana...
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    I got an email about an internship for a paper company over the summer (newpage). I never really had a real job before or a real interview so my first interview's going to be on wednesday. I'll buy a suit over the weekend to look sharp and just go to the interview :biggrin: . I don't think I'll have much competition because the interview sign up sheet had only my name on it :uhh:....doesn't look like too many mechanical engineering students want to work for a paper company over the summer. Do you think it's a bad idea to waste a summer with a paper company? Anyways, all I can tell you is to do your research on the company because you want to have an idea of what they're doing and how it relates to what you like. Good luck.:approve:
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