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Omg No Way!

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    ~~omg No Way!

    Hai there everyone I'm just introducing myself

    My name: Mike
    My SN on everything: m0nki3
    Age: 17
    Sex: sure!
    Location: Mississauga, ON [Canada]

    I found out about this board as i was searching for math equations, and problems to do over the summer, and I'm wondering if this was the right place.
    I'm going to grade 12 and I'll be taking Advanced Functions first Sem, and Calculus second.
    Unfortunately, I had bombed my exam in Grade.11, uber anxiety, and got a mark 26% lower than what i was going in with....:bugeye:, so yea i just gotta get practicing again, and it would be GREAT if someone could direct me to a site which has my grade level's math problems. Physics too, may as well do a couple at same time.

    Thanks for listening

    Yars Trewly, Mike.
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    Lol cuz im freaking out about gr.12 dude!

    Im taking summer school right now, Grade 12 English, get that crap outta the way, i REALLY need to get into U of Waterloo, for Software Engineering...i forgot to add that in my intro lol

    My plan: next 40 days do -3 math questions [Adv. func.] and 2 [Physics] just so i dont walk into class looking like a lost lamb like every1 else :P
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    Welcome to PF, Monk. You're definitely in the right place. Whole sections about different forms of math (and anything else) at your disposal. Hope you'll hang around. (And go answer the poll about where we're from; we Canuks were ahead of the Yanks for a while, and should maintain that position.)
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    lol YAY canucks!

    This is gonna be a hard one...time to use the Search Button!:tongue:
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