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Omni Magazine - SciFi classic mag

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    Omni Magazine -- SciFi classic mag

    Does anyone remember the old Omni Magazine publication? It was always filled with cutting edge science fiction short stories and other articles. I sort of remember their Anti-matter section.

    Then they just disappeared, however they were present at www.omnimag.com for awhile with notes on their website saying that they were exclusively on-line, but now the site no longer works.

    Have they gone out of business? Is there another magazine out there similar?

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    Issac Asimovs Digest, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Dunes Tales--just to name a few new publications. Otherwise hit the used book stores. I just picked up about 20-25 used Omni's from the 70s-80s along with a bunch of the other forementioned.
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    Omni was part of the empire of Bob Guccione (sp?) one of those high flying empire builders of the eighties and nineties. As I dimly recal, his empire crashed and burned. (Metaphor alert: well if empires can fly, I guess they can crash and burn too!).
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