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Omnipresence & the hell paradox

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    The concept of reward and punishment for the deeds of this life are not unique to the Christian faith. But in the intrest of continuity, I'm asking these questions based on the Christian concept of hell as the punishment and eternal fate of the " damned ", for lack of a better description of the paradox and hypocricy these question(s) suggest.

    The first area i'm looking for feedback on, is based the definition of God provided by my christian friends, as a force of pure peace and love beyond total human understanding and comprehension.

    If that is to be believed, then how could such a force/entity , maintain pure essence in peace and love, yet have such a revolting trait to punish by fire, seperation of the " most cherished " of it's creations from it's presence,and\or eternal death\execution of the spirit ?

    Second.-- How can any of the commonly accepted concepts , of hell as a place or condition of punishment, exist with an omnipresent entity ?

    Well God is omnipotent some might say, " he can simply will you out of existance". I say there is no such thing as "out of existance" with an " omnipresent " entity.But even if that is an option, what of perfection and purity of essence?Where is perfection in that ?

    A sane and logical look at the nature the God described in the Bible tells me that, if it were a person being described, they would need years and years of intense mental therapy.
    The entire notion of this concept, seem's, well...human to me.

    I'm not athiest mind you, but there is a realist streak in me that finds it hard to nurture a faith in something with such fundamental flaws in the basic logic. Who knows, maybe I went to one too many Grateful Dead shows? But one thing's for sure, we're all gonna know someday.
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    I guess it all depends on how God is viewed, ie, there are religious sects that believe that God is nothing but love and peace, and then there are the groups that preach that everyone has eternal damnation put upon them and they must redeem themselves.

    Its probably an interpretation of the bible by these different Christian groups. Its confusing to me.
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    God is loving, but he has wrath. I have wondered these same things. I have come to the conclusion that God wants you to follow him, and if you don't he just says, "fine, I won't bother you anymore." And HE leaves YOU. And after seeing God all you desire is Him, so when he leaves you it is hell.
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    thinsoul...it is PF policy not to bring up religious discussion here, philosophical discussions of "god" is fine, but I see this topic as borderline...i will check back on it in the next day and see where it has gone...
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    From a purely theoretical standpoint, I find omniscience and omnipotence incompatible with a loving diety and eternal punishment.

    Omniscience means that the diety knows the person is doomed to torment before they are born. Omnipotence means the diety has the power to alter the person's fate. So, essentially, the diety has knowingly created someone doomed to eternal torment. That is hardly loving.

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