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On alien abduction, grays, and consciousness

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    I'm new to this part of the forum and thought it might be fun to poke a stick into the hornet's nest (so to speak).

    Lot's of folks have alien abduction stories to tell, and lots of these stories have unsettling similarities. Some of these similarities are the apparent ability of the aliens to go through walls at will, they have big, dark eyes, they are gray, and whatnot. I was wondering if anyone had any stories they'd like to share?

    Mostly, I'm interested in determining the activities of the abductees just prior to and after their experiences. The reason why is that I've developed a personal hypothesis that the human mind may have a form of "hard-wired" instinctual reaction to stress. That being that brain stress might trigger primitive danger signals that the higher brain (in dream-state), might interpret as a stranger-danger threat.

    I'm wondering if this might tend to cause the brain to dream certain dreams that might be shared in similar fashion by many people. Something so basic that it's a fear-response, common denominator.

    These shared dreams have many models in psychology. For instance, many people dream of being naked in public, or of falling, or of flying. Many of these dreams can have lots of shared characteristics and details.

    Paralysis seems to be a common experience in these stories. As we know, sleep paralysis is common and normal. Therefore (supposing this is a dream experience), I'm wondering if any sleepwalkers that tend not to be paralyzed by sleep have tried to fight off the abductors. If so, what was the result? Were you able to act? Were there any witnesses?

    Also, besides the aliens being gray, what can you say about color overall during the abduction? Was the ship gray? Were the rooms gray? Were your clothes gray? Were their clothes (if any) gray?

    The reason I ask is that people mostly dream in shades of gray, but often have false memories of color for familiar objects. Thinking carefully about the things you saw during your abductions, were the things that were unfamiliar to you mostly gray or metalic in color? Are the details of these unfamiliar rooms and equipment harder to remember than the color and texture of the clothes you were wearing?

    I look forward to reading your responses.
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    I've heard as a phenomenon called sleep paralysis which has been used to explain a number of "abductions". A person will wake up and find themselves unable to move, and this is often accompanied by a feeling of a heavy weight on the chest, and hallucinations, and a feeling of a presence in the room.


    Sounds a lot like an abduction story eh?
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    Yeah, that's pretty much what I'm talking about.
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    Here is a story about abductions and sleep paralysis:

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    Carl Sagan's Demon Haunted World had some good information on this.
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    That was interesting. However, testimony alone is highly suspect in these cases. What's needed is some solid forensic science. Has anyone ever lifted alien DNA from an abductee? As far as I've read, the aliens don't usually wear HazMat suits, so shouldn't their DNA, skin oils and whatnot become bound to the abductees and their articles of clothing?

    It's commonly surmised that one of the reasons we don't hear the conscious abduction stories anymore is for the very reason that they are easily debunked for the lack of such telltale physical evidence.

    However, I would gladly expand my interest to recent conscious abductions. Anyone have any good stories to tell?
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    Ur right, they are unproven, but it remains true that in the pool of abduction accounts there is a large number that do not match sleep paralysis and thus SP alone cannot explain the phenomenom.

    Here are some videos of people telling their stories:

    1. http://play.rbn.com/?url=usanet/usanet/g2demand/scifi/diaries/intro_80k.rm&proto=rtsp
    2. http://play.rbn.com/?url=usanet/usanet/g2demand/scifi/diaries/phillip_80k.rm&proto=rtsp
    3. http://play.rbn.com/?url=usanet/usanet/g2demand/scifi/diaries/kathy_80k.rm&proto=rtsp
    4. http://play.rbn.com/?url=usanet/usanet/g2demand/scifi/diaries/bill_80k.rm&proto=rtsp
    5. http://play.rbn.com/?url=usanet/usanet/g2demand/scifi/diaries/michael_80k.rm&proto=rtsp
    6. http://play.rbn.com/?url=usanet/usanet/g2demand/scifi/diaries/landi_80k.rm&proto=rtsp
    7. http://play.rbn.com/?url=usanet/usanet/g2demand/scifi/diaries/sandy_80k.rm&proto=rtsp

    U will notice that many of them do seem to fit SP, but i believe there are a few that happened while they were awake. Of course the explanation for those could be false memories or something else.
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    One recent abduction account with multiple witnesses that didnt know eachother and were driving on the road, is the Kelly Cahill abduction in Australia 1994:

    Here is an image of what happened:

    http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/6122/all6ic.jpg [Broken]

    There is a documentary u can download called 'Oz encounters', in which her story is shown and done with computer animations. In the same documentary there is also a woman who saw a UFO and an alien with 3 of her friends when they stopped their car somewhere. Her husband didnt believe her untill a few months later when their son said aliens came in his room and they decided to look out of the window, and saw the same craft that the woman had seen earlier flying over the rooftops. So this is another one with multiple witnesses who werent sleeping.
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    From the Skeptic's ictionary:
    Some of the stories about alien abductions are from people wanting attention. Others are remembered through hypnosis, like the Hills case. This may be what is called a false memory syndrome: the person is led by the therapeut to create a memory of something that never happened.
    It is possible that some alien abductions can be real, but why no abductee was able to take with him/her any object from the alien ship, like an ashtray or a piece of toilet paper?
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    Actually there is this one case where DNA was found(in the form of a hair) after a man was sexually assaulted by two weird females.

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    Or, it was an older woman that naturally lost her hair color! Who wants to admit they spent an evening with an aging hooker!?
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    Personally, I think you make an excellent point. Some people, due to injury or duress, have difficulty distinguishing between dream states and reality. I see a correlation between the descriptions of 'greys' and human infants that is difficult to ignore. The sense of attachment to them in nearly all accounts is striking.
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    Who knows, maybe they (aliens) are the haunting shame of aging hookers' infants relived during SP.
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    I was abducted in broad daylight from a McDonalds.

    This was in Minnesota about 25 years ago. I got up from a nap one day and walked down to a McDonalds where I always went because all my friends hung out there. As I was standing in line to get my coffee I suddenly fell backwards for no apparent reason right onto the guy who was standing behind me. A second later I was lying on my back, back in my bed at home. But I was lying on top of the guy I had fallen onto at the MCDonalds. He had my arms pinned and he was sniggering in my ear. I was pretty much paralyzed. There was someone else in the room, too. This guy paced back and forth slowly, not looking at me or the other guy, seeming to be waiting for something to happen. He looked depressed. The guy holding me down kept sniggering in my ear and seemed to be enjoying the fact I was paralyzed. I was completely terrified, to say the least, and couldn't even struggle.

    This went on only a short time, though, maybe a quarter minute at most, and then they both suddenly evaporated. I was there alone lying on my bed. I could move now, but was completely upset and in shock about what had just happened. It had all been completely vivid in all detail: I could see, hear and feel them perfectly clearly while it was going on.

    I didn't learn about the phenomenon of sleep paralysis untill quite a few years later, and used to just think of the incident as some kind of nightmare. Anyway, I know why "abductees" are loathe to assume they are any kind of hallucination: they seem too vivid. We have the false preconception that hallucinations are supposed to be unrealistic somehow, have some dreamlike insubstantiality that gives them away as hallucinations, but they don't. What was especially peculiar was the "set up": the part where I hallucinated walking all the way to the McDonald's when I was actually still at home in bed. I suppose I really wanted to go down there but got caught in some "interzone" where my neurotransmitters hadn't all shifted back into waking mode allowing me to hallucinate I was doing what I wanted to do.

    Had it been two grey alien looking things instead of two humans, I'm sure I'd have been seriously considering that I'd been abducted by space aliens.
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    The hallucinations during sleep paralysis are cultural ones. I don't know if grey aliens were familiar to a youngster 25 years ago. Remember that the Hills were only able to describe their captors after seeing a movie depicting them.
  17. Feb 2, 2006 #16
    Well, that can rule out outdoor abductions experenced by one person. But what about when multiple people claim to have been abducted together. Other than the possiblity that they're working together in a hoax, I can't think of any explaination of this.
  18. Feb 2, 2006 #17
    This was definitely after Close Encounters had come out, and so I was familiar with the image of the grey. Alien abduction wasn't suggested to me, I'm sure, because it was broad daylight, and McDonalds. Had there been some kind of night sky with stars involved then I had all the cultural presets to suggest aliens.
    I know the bare bones of this story but don't think I ever read the original book. What are the details of this not being able to describe the abductors till they were shown a film? I wasn't aware of that.
  19. Feb 2, 2006 #18
    I know in the case of the four guys who were abducted together out of a canoe at night on a lake that the twins later started to have complex partial seizures. This suggests that all four of them experienced something that affected their brains on that trip. They may all have rubbed up against a poisonous plant, ate something tainted, or who knows what, that made them black out when they got on the lake. Then later, bit by bit, the first one to reconstruct what happened during the blackout fed his story to the others and they developed the elaborate false memory from there.

    I think that people, like the Hills, who get abducted out of cars are simply hypnotized by driving fatigued, and go into trances. They end up with missing time, and likewise reconstruct what happened during that time as a false memory of an alien abduction. I think alot of these people drive for a long time in silence, get hypnotized, and then become dazzled when they see the lights of a low flying plane, pull over to watch it and, being half asleep, dream/hallucinate it is a flying saucer.

    Alot of cases are parent and children abductions. I think it's the parents having the hallucinations first in most of these cases and feeding them to the kids as false memories: "Oh, you had a bad dream? Did little grey men come and take you away in the dream? They did, didn't they!" That sort of coaching.
  20. Feb 2, 2006 #19
    One would think that after all these years a satisfactory explanation would have been found.
    This definately has to be investigated by more scientists.
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    http://www.csicop.org/sb/9409/eyesthat.html [Broken] is the analysis by Kottmeyer.
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