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On beauty

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    Beauty is term which inplies connection to the impression we get when notesing balance. Some designers make their desing inbalanced purposely to accent something. This is because the thing that disturbs the balance makes additional impression because of violating the balance and it gets easier to notice.
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    "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." as people say.

    Beauty, isn't neccesarily balance. For me, in the context of clothing, Like one dominant color, and a fewer percentage of other colors. (But that's just me)
    Beauty in my opinion is subjective. Besides clothes, I think beauty resides in the most rudimentary parts of our lives, and the world. Beauty for me is an intense portrayal of deep, unfathomless emotion, like love, sorrow.
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    Unfathomless? Would that mean "fathomful"?

    Contrast is an interesting and insightful technique that artists use.

    Anyway, while people, being similar biological contstructions and beings that learn from one another, often share many conceptions of "beauty", trying to boil it down to a formula is folly. "Beauty" is a perception of the viewer. This perception is the result of interactiosn between the observer and the observed. Too many psychological factors go into this to try to pin down exactly.
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    When I turn off the monitor, it is then that I see true beauty.
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    ummm beauty is nature word for a human to think of something, usually beauty is common to all people say rose, but sometime the beauty depends on different people

    we all have different ideas of beauty build within us, it is been influence by your environment or you gene. i guess =D
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    sometimes i think that the idea of beauty slowly build up by the thing around you.
    every time you see a beautiful thing it records or recalls from your gene.
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    The lastest fashion is all about incongruity, deconstruction and incoherence in line, colour and pattern. Clothes that are highly fashionable now would give our mothers a heart attack, for they look ridiculously like the rags on the back of some lunatics/baggers in their days. The current fashion states loud and clear the orientation/mentality of modern society - rage, chaos, destruction and anarchy.

    To me the essence of beauty (in fashion at least) has to come down to symmetry, balance, coherence, harmony and a certain degree of a predictability. Contrast is fine, but what we find beautiful in contrast is usually antithesis bought harmoniously together, or a juxtaposition of contradiction nicely balanced, the Japanese way of flower arrangement is a good example.

    I think beauty is a kindness on an aesthetic level.
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    Genetically speaking, my guess would be that beauty would most likely be found in organic forms. This assumes that beauty is a quality that arose in an evolutionary context to somehow heighten our understanding or appreciation of our environment and also of our fellow organisms. This would explain why, typically, the less an organism looks like a human (such as, say, a dung beetle) the less beautiful it is considered. Organic forms are usually symmetrical and have a very coherent color scheme. Anyone that has ever been a photographer can attest to the difficulty of photographing both clothes people and urban scenes in color. The composition just never seems right, and so most photographers turn to black and white. Nature photographers, on the other hand, have no such problem.
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    Our universe can be considered beautiful. On the smallest level it is random and unpredictable, yet on the large scale everything comes together in an orderly, symmetrical manner.
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    Beauty is an ideal, a standard against which all things are measured. The more relevant question is: Is there a form (as in Platonic) of beauty, or is it all subjective?
    I believe that there must be a form of beauty present in the world. I would say that beauty is perfection and truth. Further, perfection is having become what one is meant to become. It is the fulfillment of a process, the final end of something. So possibly, the purpose of beauty is to inspire us to strive towards perfection, that is becoming what we are meant to become, being true to our very nature.

    As for beautiful things, they communicate ideas that we find beautiful. Essentially, humans seek to find meaning, and true meaning at that. So things that are beautiful reflect truth. One may disagree and claim that they enjoy something not because it holds meaning, but because of a certain (meaningless) quality or remembrance.However, if one traces the feeling back to its source, they will find that it comes from intelligent thought and must have some sort of meaning attached to it.
  12. May 9, 2004 #11
    untrue, on the cosmic level we exactly see the same as we do on the atomic level just much much slower due the enormous size of planets, galxies etc

    maybe within time we will be able to predict the seemingly unpredictalbe atomic level, becuase actually it is just like the cosmic world just happening so much faster more eventualities can be seen. therefore it appears random
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    Maybe with time, if our present (quantum) understanding is overthrown, but currently is keeps passing experimental tests.
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    The 'beauty of perfect fit', as it is otherwise called, is by far the best kind of beauty and it only warrants this qualification if it attains permanence or everlastingness. Unless if you intend to accommodate such notion as 'ephemeral beauty', if any. Do you?
  15. Aug 29, 2004 #14
    For it would be absurd and spooky to stomarch ephemetral entities or appearances that illusively parade themselves in our visual faculty as genuine beauty. Trust me, no one will admit this: we carry secret jealousy in us about outward appearancers of what we presume and believe to be beauty. In fact, we have fought thousands of wars over it and we are still doing so till this very moment in time.
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    Hang on, balance as in symmetry, right?

    Then yeah, we always want symmetry in our things, and when things aren't symmetrical, we tend to dislike it, thats just me I guess...
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