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On becoming a physicist

  1. Jan 29, 2013 #1
    Ok here is the thing . I am a 14 year old high school student in india starting grade 11 this year. Since i was 9 yrs old ( 6th grade ) i have been very interested in physics and math .
    I thought my self high school physics , the whole of resnick halliday's FOP , Single variable Calculus , Higher algebra , geometry , plane trigonometry .
    I want to take up Mathematical physics as my career as i love the field. My back up options are Experimental physicist or Applied Mathematician.
    I don't want to stay here in india for the rest of my life as there are no significant research opportunities . I plan to go to US for undergrad and graduate work .

    I have come to hear that even in US there are not a lot of opportunities and a lot of Physics PHDs end up working in some other field and donot end up with a research position.

    The question is how hard is it to get a good research position ( a job where i could actually research and do physics/math ). I am pretty smart and a very hardworking person . I have a slight condition of Asperger's and thus i don't have lot of friends and i like to spend my time with books rather than people and thus can do a good lot of work .

    So if i get through Undergrad and Grad school with excellent grades and also get my Phd . would it still be difficult to land a research position
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    Good Start! Keep Going.
    Experimental Physics & Applied Mathematics at last become two different thing, you will become only one! Stay with both at Graduate School but not after that.
    If you planning to come US then work hard to get International Olympiad Medals & Science Fair Awards because last year from India only 4 selected for MIT and all have golds & Perfect SAT Score. Admission Process is of 18 months. Register today for My MIT or others in which you want to go for Undergrad.
    That's true and applies to all over world. only PhD not going to give you Research Post.
    May be ZapperZ know this best that how hard to get a Research Position in US. Read his Thread So You want to be Physicist.
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    thanks for you reply . So what should we do after the phd so as to land a good research position
  5. Jan 29, 2013 #4
    Not after PhD,Start with Undergraduate. If you go to US then their Join SPS (Society of Physics Students),Read the Physics Today.Do Internships and write Undergraduate Research Papers and Publish them.(I don't Know about more on US system wait for ZapperZ)

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