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On building computer games

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    For almost quite a time I observe that those computer games are remarkably woven carefully to entice gamers. From designing the webpage up to the building up the characters of the games. One of the games I like most is Ragnarok and Angry birds. With the latter I like the way how the game was foretold from the beginning up to how the game was played by the character of the birds and the pigs. Wow! it really amazed me how this genius makes this eye catching games. Really building computer games takes skills and a very big brainy head to make such captivating games.
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    I'm still trying to figure out how that chicken was able to beat me at tic-tac-toe.
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    Making great games is an artform, just like making great movies or music. You need someone who knows how to convey feelings to people, the feeling of a game is the most important aspect. Try for example to play a game without sound, it will suck, it is the same game but you just lost a lot of the feeling.
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    I like the music of lord of the rings the snes game. The music will stay with me until my death because I enjoyed the whole experience so much. Its funny but I've had such a good time playing old school video game and my opinion on those is atually incorrect. I came to that conclusion when professional reviewers that i respected reviewed old games like the old simpson arcade game and link on the nes. the reviewers said those games aged terribly. I've had so many fond memories of old games my mind refuses to believe they're terrible.
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    I agree its the game as a whole. It's all the little things thats bundled into a masterpeice that makes a game great. The simple and smooth interface. The rewarding coins and achievments and trophies, lullaby repetitive dreamy music. Games are an easy escape from reality. Maybe it's a flaw in us that allows us to get addicted to them. maybe there Over-glorified slot machines but man they are fun.
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    I don't know what is it about that game, I play it for years :biggrin:
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    I find that the best games are often not the prettiest games. I'm all for great graphics and flashy stuff, but the games that I go back to year after year are just plain fun. My favourites these days are Red Alert 2 which is about the best example of a action oriented real-time strategy game with an absolute minimum of micro-management and big emphasis on quickly building a small army and having at your opponent. I've been playing it for about 12 years! My other favourite game is Day Of Defeat, a team-based WWII game that was built as a mod for Half-Life (and then again for Half-Life 2). It looks like a thousand other games (most obviously Counter-Strike), but there is just something about it that beats them all. It's fast and tactical and you really have to work as a cohesive team to win the round.

    Oh, and my favourite game of ALL TIME is Super Bomber Man which is kind of a variation on Pacman, with 4 players and it's absolutely the most fun ever with 4 people in the same room on a console!
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    I thought Zork was pretty awesome.
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    I like nethack, minecraft, klondike and earth 2150, angry birds and ragnarok never really appealed to me

    tbh I think it's more marketing and making people think that everyone else likes it that makes them so popular since, for angry birds at least, there have been 100+ flash games identical to it (up to a sprite swap) on newgrounds which, without any marketing, never became viral.
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    On the Commodore 64, a game to play with friends (and beer) was Full Combat Jeopardy! It wasn't actually designed to involve full combat, but beer and no delay timer and beer virtually always wound up with the game ending in full combat (and being soaked in beer).

    On a PC, best game I've played was SimCity 2000. Every game I start out as a Tea Party Republican and wind up a tax and spend and borrow liberal. I just can't help it. You can build so much more stuff when your government has money.
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    Not a Netback fan, myself; I prefer ADOM (and Dwarf Fortress, of course).
    PF needs an official roguelike thread.
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