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On China and IQ research

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    Seems to be a real thing.


    This research is certainly interesting. I think it's about time someone started doing this kind of work. Personally, I think finding the "ingredients" for intelligence is going to be more complex then BGI Shenzen is imagining. Nevertheless, this can only contribute to our knowledge of genetics and neuroscience.
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    Hopefully this thread plays out better (and by hopefully, I mean you either provide a legitimate source, or this thread will ultimately be locked down).

    All predispositions of psychology or neuroscience (essentially biological psychology) aside, I did find this piece from my psychology textbook (Psychology 8th edition by David Meyers, for the interested) to be very accurate and well written:

    Creating a populous that is more adept at taking IQ tests does not seem to be very beneficial to me; instead finding ways to improve work habits, motivation, and a desire to learn would, in my opinion, produce a more productive society than simply having fast puzzle solvers would.

    And there has to be a source out there somewhere that isn't just a blog.......
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    And not 2 years old.
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